About the department

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering started in the year 2010 with intake of 60 students and additional intake of 120 students in the year of 2012. The course is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The department faculty members are well experienced and technically excellent imparting knowledge and skills to inculcate the professional responsibilities to play leadership role along with their diverse career paths and develop capability to utilize engineering skills in industry, research centers, and national laboratories and entrepreneurship. The laboratory of the department is excellent with state of art equipments and software related to the field of Engineering. To inculcate R & D acumen, faculty members encourage the students to implement innovative ideas in their project works.

Vision of the department

  • To develop technocrats of high competencies with a state-of-art technologies in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering by inculcating cutting edge expertise for the societal benefits.

Mission of the department

  • M1 To provide an Exigent and pertinent programme for the students thereby imparting the knowledge to cope up with the global needs.
  • M2 To incorporate industry relevant skill sets, attitude and personality for the students and faculty by providing them with ample opportunities.
  • M3 To endow the students with broad intellectual spectra from campus to corporate that enhance them for diverse choice of career path
  • M4 To create ardor among students as well as faculty to achieve excellence in the research field
  • M5 To instill the thirst of life long learning among students to excel in their relevant field of interest

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’S)

  • PEO 1. To achieve an Triumphant Career path in Corporate Scenario and Organizations with innate knowledge in Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering Concepts (Preparation)
  • PEO 2. To be Technically Proficient with the capability to analyze, design, develop, Optimize and to implement Electronic gadgets with Domain knowledge of Electronics and telecommunication Engineering. (Core Competency)
  • PEO 3. To nurture and consolidate the knowledge across a wide range of domains that afford solutions for Real time Problems with an understanding on its Economical, Environmental and Social Impacts. (Breadth)
  • PEO 4. To Inculcate technical stuff along with ethical values to work in a Multi-fascinated and multi-disciplinary environment exhibiting professionalism in career and to excel in every aspect with ethical leadership (Professionalism)
  • PEO 5. To instill Persistent lifelong learning with amenable etiquette to newer technology and to proliferate their skills for professional excellence and to undertake research and innovations (Learning Environment)

Program Specific Objectives (PSO’s)

  • PSO1:Create and develop Electronic circuits, signal processing elements to stimulate Modern Engineering tools that leads to the development of Electronic Gadgets.
  • PSO2:Inculcating the professional skill sets and tools for Networking, Communication and   integrated circuits to provide Solutions for societal benefits.