Project Lab

Class Room

Programming Lab

Project Lab

In project lab we provide hardware trouble shooting.

  • Python Programming
  • Minor Project Phase I and Phase II
  • Major Project
  • Saturday day club activities are being carried out.

Programming Lab

The programming lab of our department is well equipped with high end systems. We support various domains including Microprocessor, Simulator, data structure, C, C++, COA, OOAD, Operating System software’s.

Various lab courses are handled here such as

  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Advanced programming practice
  • Computer communications
  • Software engineering and project management
  • Operating systems
  • Network protocols and programming
  • Web programming
  • Data science and bigdata analytics
  • Programming for problem solving
  • Python programming

Some of the lab courses are taken using the Elab facility available
All the system are provided along with internet access.

Multimedia Lab

The multimedia lab has a number of apple iMac PCs,
And we provide various domains in a multimedia lab which include

  • Network Protocols and Programming
  • Web Programming

Class Rooms

Our class rooms are equipped with smart board, speaker and internet connection