Name of the Staff Designation with grade Specialization Area of Interest
Mrs. R.M. Rani A.P(S.G) M.E(Computer Science and Engineering) Data mining in Wireless Sensor Network
Mr.Pandiaraj A.P(S.G) M.E(Computer Science and Engineering) Grid Computing,Cloud Computing,Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
Mrs.R.Mythili A.P (S.G) M.E(VLSI Design) Information Security, Blockchain, IoT, Data Science
Mr. S. Siva Mohan A.P(S.G) M.E(Computer Science and Engineering) Cryptography & Security
Mr. R. Veeramani A.P(Sr.G) M.E-CSE Computer Networks,MANET,Cloud Computing,IOT
Mr.R. Jayaraj A.P(Sr.G) M.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering) CN,N/W Security, Digital Forensics
Mrs.Noor Alleema.N AP(Sr.G) M.E – CSE Computer Networks,MANET,Cloud & Distributed Computing
S. Babeetha AP(Sr.G) M.Tech – CSE Cloud Computing, Big Data, Deep Learning
Ms M. Vinodhini Assistant Professor  (O.G) Computer Science and Engineering Data science and big data analytics, Machine Learning
Mr.J.Antony Vijay Assistant Professor (O.G) Computer Science and Engineering Cryptography, NLP
Ms.H.Sangeetha AP(OG) M.Tech- ISCF Networks, Penetration testing
Ms.B.Sathya Bama Assistant Professor  (O.G) Information Technology Networking, Software Engineering.
Ms.S.Abinayaa AP(OG) M.Tech-IT Data mining, Wireless Networks, Cloud computing
Mr.Satheesh Kumar AP (O.G) Computer Science and Engineering Computer Networks, Cyber Security
Mr.Kalyanaraman AP(OG) ME (CSE) Cloud computing, OS Design, IoT
Mrs.Liza M.Kunjachen Assistant Professor (Sr.G) M.Tech (CSE) Wireless Networks, IOT, Data Analytics
Dr.R.Kavitha A.P(S.G) Ph.D(CSE) Data Mining, Cloud Computing

Updated name list for SRMIST Ramapuram  IT Department Academic Year 2019 -2020