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B.Tech Informational Technology

B.Tech – Information Technology:

B.Tech (IT) is the field of study, devise, development, execution, support and running of computer-based information systems. Information Technology or IT is an engineering division that covers both software and hardware sectors. It helps to generate, manage, store, communicate, and flow information. Information Technology refers to the application of technology to solve business processes.IT deals with management of computers rather than computation. IT is a combination of programming, hardware administration, software administration, networking and network security. Information Technology is a narrower and more focused field than CS and entails subjects like networking technology for digital devices, financial accounting and management of technological innovation, digital communication, Internet technology and applications, computer simulation modelling, image processing, multimedia systems and project management.


 Career Prospects:

• Network Administrator • Information Systems Manager
• Information Technology Manager • System Administrator
• Computer Support Specialist • Computer Support Specialist
•  Data Security Administrator •  Information Technology Recruiter
• Computer Technician •  Process Manager
•   Database Administrator •  Data Scientist