Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Specialization
Dr. L. Sudha M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor & HOD X-Ray Crystallography,Dielectrics and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Dr. T. Beena M.Phil., Ph.D Asst. Professor (S.G) Dielectric & Ultrasonics,   Non Linear Optics
Dr. M. Saravanan M.Sc.,M.Phil, ADCHN, M.Tech,Ph.D Asst. Professor (S.G) Crystallography and Crystal Growth
Dr. A. Senthil M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D Asst. Professor (S.G) Crystal Growth
Dr. A. Nataraj M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Asst. Professor (S.G) Spectroscopy,  Molecular docking
Dr. V. Jayalakshmi M.Phil., Ph.D Asst. Professor (Sr.G) Semiconductors – Structural Study
Dr. S. Ranjith M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Small Molecular and Macromolecular Crystallography, Synthesis of Novel Biomolecules and Molecular Docking.
Dr.M.Saravanan (Jr) M.Sc., Ph.D Assistant Professor (O.G) Nonlinear dynamics of ferromagnetic system, Liquid crystal materials, etc
Dr.N.Karunagaran Ph.D Assistant Professor
Crystal Growth
Dr. k. Subramanian M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Nonlinear Dynamics & Higher order nonlinear Partial Differential Equations