The Ecoclub & NSS unit of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram campus have organized and conducted Mega Rally on “ A BAN ON PLASTICS AND ITS HARMFUL EFFECTS TO AN ENVIRONMENT ” on 3RD October 2019 .

A group of around 550 students from various disciplines and different years from NSS unit & Eco-club of SRM IST Ramapuram campus started from the campus around 9.20 AM. Rally was inaugurated by Dean (E&T), Inspector of police Royala Nagar at 9.20am from our campus. All the Heads of the department and faculty members have given their presence to grace this inauguration.

The Objective of this Rally is to create the Awareness among the people about the Usage of Non-recyclable plastics and recyclable plastics and its harmful effects to an environment. During this rally our students distributed the pamphlets as well as cloth bags containing the messages about the harmful effects of plastics and insisted the people to use cloth bags